Electronic Security Systems

Keeping your home and business safe is vital, and it is just as important to us as it is to you. We at Shellharbour Security Systems design, install, maintain, and upgrade electronic security systems for both household and commercial purposes.

The Team

At Shellharbour Security Systems, all our services are carried out by experienced professionals. Our technicians are specially trained and qualified in their several areas of expertise with years of experience to bring to the table.

Our technicians are:

  • licensed and qualified, possessing the required technical expertise needed to design, install, maintain, and upgrade security systems.
  • experienced in the carrying out the various activities mentioned above.
  • skilled in the handling of related security system technology needed for monitoring and maintaining the various security-related services we provide.

Why Trust Us With Securing Your Businesses And Homes?

  • Our security systems are tested and trusted. We provide security for various companies, businesses, and houses all over Sydney including government buildings, schools, police stations, television companies, hospitals, and many more.
  • We not only design and install security systems, but also maintain and upgrade them, providing you with up-to-date electronic security systems, and making sure they function at optimum standards.
  • Our security systems are designed to fit your business and home perfectly. With our electronic security system, you get security designed just for you. Ours is a security system designed with your home or business’s weak points in mind and built to provide these weak points with the best possible defense.

Our Electronic Security Systems

Different businesses and homes require different types of security systems, and this fact is not lost on us. For this reason, Shellharbour Security Systems provides a number of security systems for clients and potential clients to choose from. Some of these security systems include:

  • Intruder Alarm Systems
    Perfect for homes and businesses alike, our intruder alarm system is a security system designed to alert the client and even the neighborhood when a break-in is attempted.
  • Perimeter Security Systems
    Turn your property and its surroundings into a keep off zone for potential criminals and intruders with this type of system.
  • Duress Systems
    Need some extra security for your home/business? Our duress systems provide you with just that. With this type of system, the authorities get notified immediately the system is activated.

Other Related Services

  • Electronic Security Systems Maintenance And Upgrade Services
    Need to upgrade your security system or to carry out routine maintenance? You can carry that out with our system maintenance and upgrade services.
  • Remote Access Services
    Going out of town yet need to monitor your building? Want to keep an eye on your home from work, or keep an eye on your business from home? Opt-in for our remote access services and rest assured.

With our security systems in your homes and businesses, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. We’ve got you covered.

Our Client





With over 25 years of experience in the electronic security industry, Shellharbour Security Systems offers not only the highest-quality security systems but a superior knowledge of monitoring and security equipment that will best fit your needs.