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Access control systems are an integral part of your building security systems. By controlling who enters and exits your building, where they can enter or exit, and when they can do so you can protect your assets from harm.

Locks and keys have been used since the beginning of time to manage access and control security, but now, with access control systems you can protect your hard-earned property against intruders. Our systems and features have rich access control platforms and solutions that integrate the human touch and state of art technology to provide the best possible shield for your assets – as few or many as they might be. From one door to a hundred doors, Shellharbour Security Systems have the technology and resources to safeguard you against any trespasses and intrusion. 

Types of Access Control Systems

At Shellharbour Security Systems we are committed to helping customers stay safe. The access control systems we offer are state-of-the-art, and we make sure that we listen to the client’s requirements and suggest solutions that give value for money. As leading experts in security systems since 1992, we have the experience and the skills that can help you secure your assets in the best possible manner.

There are two main types of access control systems that we offer in Dapto.

Managed Access Control (MAC)

MAC supports multilevel security policies and is mostly used in large public organizations where security is more important than flexibility and costs. Military organizations with confidential data benefit particularly from this system where a high level of security is provided. However, it is a challenging system to maintain, therefore decision-makers have to make sure that the high-level security is worth the difficulties in setting up and maintaining the system and maintenance.

We offer MAC in combination with other models where we create user roles instead of defining the rights for individual users. These roles could be employees at the same level in the organization, where access can be defined as a group and not for individuals.

MAC is very useful when you don’t have enough resources within your organization to manage access individually without there being a need for the data owner to become a data expert.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

RBAC is a popular control system in Dapto where the administrator of the system allows access based on the role or the limitations defined by an individual’s job in the organization. It is a relatively easy system and is popular among residential clients as well as mid-sized organizations.

How Shellharbour security systems can be of service in Dapto
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  • We provide affordable systems that are well suited for your particular needs

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