Access Control System Unanderra

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Access Control Systems Designed to Protect Your Business

Shellharbour Security Systems lead in terms of the design of access control systems as well as in terms of the hardware and software required.  We specialize in protecting commercial spaces and are leading experts in Unanderra when it comes to access control systems for

  • Retail outlets
  • Malls
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Colleges and universities
  • Schools

Our access systems are geared to protect data as well as physical spaces so that our elaborate and efficient system of coded badges and key cards restricts access to authorised personnel only. CCTV Video surveillance systems also benefit from our sophisticated systems so that only the people who have the security key can view the footage from security cameras.

Types of Access Control Systems

At Shellharbour Security Systems we are committed to helping customers stay safe. The access control systems we offer are state-of-the-art, and we make sure that we listen to the client’s requirements and suggest solutions that give value for money. As leading experts in security systems since 1992, we have the experience and the skills that can help you secure your assets in the best possible manner.

There are two main types of access control systems that we offer in Unanderra.

Managed Access Control (MAC)

MAC supports multilevel security policies and is mostly used in large public organizations where security is more important than flexibility and costs. Military organizations with confidential data benefit particularly from this system where a high level of security is provided. However, it is a challenging system to maintain, therefore decision-makers have to make sure that the high-level security is worth the difficulties in setting up and maintaining the system and maintenance.

We offer MAC in combination with other models where we create user roles instead of defining the rights for individual users. These roles could be employees at the same level in the organization, where access can be defined as a group and not for individuals.

MAC is very useful when you don’t have enough resources within your organization to manage access individually without there being a need for the data owner to become a data expert.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

RBAC is a popular control system in Unanderra where the administrator of the system allows access based on the role or the limitations defined by an individual’s job in the organization. It is a relatively easy system and is popular among residential clients as well as mid-sized organizations.

The Benefits of Access Control Systems

Whether you are in Unanderra or anywhere else, you need access control systems because:

  1. It is important to have access control systems to counter any threats to security so that you can work in peace without worrying about unauthorised personnel gaining access.
  2. Certain areas in the premises can be allotted restricted access through keycards or other identification
  3. Keyless entry and exit features prevent intruders from being able to duplicate keys and entering. The keycards, if lost, however, requires multiple authentications for replacement. Moreover, the personnel having lost the card can immediately report it lost so that it can be deactivated.
  4. If there are more than one physical branches of an organization, a role-based access system would allow people, for instance, managers, to be able to access the facilities that are allowed for them in all the branches.
  5. Access control systems can be managed from any computer connected to the organization’s network.