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At Shellharbour Security Systems we have all the different options that you need for your intercom systems in Thirroul. Whether you need to know who is at the door, or if you want to maintain security and be able to communicate at a gate that is far off from your building, the intercom provides reliable support. Intercom systems are beneficial for homes and companies where there is a need to quickly communicate between rooms and buildings just by pushing a button. It can also be used to broadcast messages across rooms and buildings where the network is set up.

Shellharbour security systems intercom installation and maintenance services

At Shellharbour security systems we have many leading brands of intercoms and different kinds of systems ranging from simple audio and video devices to luxury apartment systems as well as simple audio-only or video-only intercoms that suit your budget and your needs adequately.

Apart from new installations, we also offer upgrades and replacements so that you can rest assured that your system is running smoothly. We can also coordinate access and connect different offices or apartments in a building.

We also offer total security integration where your audio and video intercoms can integrate with access control systems, electronic control systems, as well as building management systems. At Shellharbour security systems, we truly offer a one-stop-shop solution that allows you to leave any stress that you may have about the security behind.

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The latest in intercom systems in Thirroul

Shellharbour Security Systems believes in keeping updated with technological innovations. The latest in intercoms are the IP intercom systems that use wireless networks and allows easy and affordable installation as compared to older intercoms that used wires and cables with high installation costs.

What are some of the features of an intercom system?

Some of the features of an intercom system include :

  • Remote access
  • Ability to call groups
  • Noise cancellation
  • Video calls
  • Internet connection

Video intercoms are popularly in demand in Thirroul and at Shellharbour, we make sure that we provide the best video intercoms available so that you can hear and see other people in other rooms and can also connect to systems.

Is remote monitoring an option?

Remote monitoring is not an embedded system in all intercoms, therefore, remote monitoring depends on the system and its features. Remote access is available through internet connections, therefore intercoms with internet connectivity can be logged into via mobile phones. However, bear in mind that not all intercoms have internet therefore when deciding to install the system ensure that remote monitoring is something you need.

Standard intercom systems don’t typically offer internet connectivity. If remote access is important to you, make sure you choose a system with the right features.

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