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Video surveillance is an important part of security today and can serve as solid evidence in incidents. However blurry images are a thing of the past with the modern advances in surveillance technology.

At Shellharbour Security Systems we offer the latest IP camera technology that allows a single camera to have high-resolution quality and to perform the work of several lenses. It features amazing picture quality, advanced features of recording and also allows many cameras to be used within the system. The videos are transmitted via a computer network. Whether you are in Kiama or away for travel, the security cameras can help you keep track of your business operations with ease.

If you have an older analogue system in place, there is no need to worry because with this new generation of security cameras you can use the same wiring system without having to invest heavily in setting up a new one.

Why Shellharbour security systems recommends security cameras in Kiama?

These cameras are ideal for commercial and industrial purposes as they are cost-effective and easy to use. The cameras are handy and easy to install and can be as small as to be used in stuffed toys as nanny cameras, in safes, as well as in retail stores and offices in Kiama. They are hidden from view and do not use bulky equipment which makes them an ideal security option.

Even for residential properties, these cameras are great as they are not easily visible, and can be used in small spaces. They are especially useful for families with small children when parents have to trust hired help for babysitting as well as for keeping an eye on paid staff.

Commercial spaces that see a lot of footfall benefit greatly from security cameras because they can help business owners have more control over their businesses. At times and in places where supervisors cannot be physically present, customers and employees can be monitored via these cameras to make sure that the work is being carried out properly. Moreover, in case of any incidents, the cameras can provide crystal clear images and audio for solid evidence of what went on and who is at fault. It can even go so far as to be able to capture number plates, allowing business owners the peace of mind that their company or space is secure.

How do they work? A note from security camera experts in Kiama

Security cameras that work through internet protocol technology have the added advantage of not requiring extensive wiring systems. They have the inbuilt capacity to be able to transmit images through a data connection. The connection can be ethernet, wifi or USB. The camera is connected to the network as a device much as a printer is. IP cameras work like digital cameras where they compress images and transmit them through a network where additional cameras can be easily connected to internet networks in the same way a computer is connected.

The utility of security cameras is apparent in the way that they have been able to deter crimes and how they have been able to provide foolproof evidence for incidences. Therefore, be it a home or a retail space in Kiama, it is important to use security cameras for protection and peace of mind.

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